Zucchini caviar recipe

Zucchini caviar

You will change the game at aperitif time with this very gourmet zucchini caviar! Your toast is guaranteed to be even tastier.

Eggplant caviar, it’s good you mastered it. But do you know zucchini caviar? This recipe is just as easy to prepare at home and you will love it as a dinner appetizer! On toast or with breadsticks, we are bound to return. Your guests will be surprised, but will undoubtedly enjoy it! Also serve zucchini fritters with feta. Crispy and soft, they are ready in no time! We also love zucchini and salmon clafoutis, a tasty and easy recipe.

Recipe for squash caviar


  • 1 kg organic zucchini
  • 100 ml liquid fresh cream
  • 1 C. coffee curry
  • 3 tbsp. olive oil
  • salt pepper



Wash the zucchini well and cut off the ends. Cut them in half lengthwise and steam them for 20 minutes.


Allow the zucchini to cool in a colander to release their water.


Meanwhile, heat up the fresh cream with the curry.


Press the zucchini one last time with your hands and put them in a blender with curry cream and olive oil.


Mix until a homogeneous consistency is achieved. Season with salt and pepper and then let them cool for at least an hour.


Serve the zucchini caviar with slices of bread!

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