What to do with fresh mint from your garden?

It’s in the garden, but it’s rarely used: mint. However, there are many ways to use it, to enjoy it from all angles. We give you ideas for recipes, from aperitif, to dessert and drinks, to treat yourself to mint from your garden!

Easy to maintain, plant it, forget it in a corner of the garden: the mint.
So often we think of the mojito to use it, there are many ways to use it. As a drink, as an aperitif, as a starter, as a main course, as a garnish or even for dessert, it invites itself at any time!

Check out our quick recipe ideas ready in 30 minutes or less to use up your garden mint. Once cut, remember to hold your branches well freshly picked, if you want to know how to do it, read this article right here.🌿

In drinks

Mint is easy to use in infused water as well as in cocktails where it will add flavor to your drinks! Here’s a beautiful and refreshing mocktail idea! What if you started making your own mint syrup? class, right? Check out our other recipe ideas at the bottom of this article!

In decoration

You can use your mint as a decoration on your salads or desserts, its beautiful green color will bring a lot of happiness.

As an aperitif

This original recipe will amaze your guests every time! It’s simple and this recipe only requires 2 sprigs of mint for 6 people. 30 minutes and it’s ready!


Our fresh recipe, perfect for this summer! Mint goes perfectly with cucumber and it’s super easy to make!

In dish

Mint knows how to sublimate the flavor of meat. These dumplings ready in 10 minutes, will make you travel.

For dessert

We see again a classic with seasonal fruits and mint. It is fresh, delicious, easy to make. Summer dessert to note in your recipe book.

Other recipe ideas with mint!

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