What is (really) worth the Arkunir Burger that has the whole internet talking?

Just released and already sold out. Arkunir Burger, launched by the fast food chain Burger King, following a challenge launched by a very influential twitto, is already a victim of its success within certain brands. Launched in a limited edition for two weeks, the Arkunir Burger has never stopped getting the internet talking.

If some see it as a stroke of genius, first to praise the imagination of the tweeter in this fun business and then the very good value for money, others have become more nuanced. “After trusting the pictures on Twitter and considering the price, I ordered it thinking it was a ‘small’ burger. But no”testifies our colleague Thomas, an unrivaled expert in the field.

“The brioche and cantaloupe is fun. We have to admit, though, that it lacks a bit of originality, a crazy topping, or a WTF detail that would have really made the burger legendary, like all the mess that’s on Twitter.” He ends.

It must be said that there is nothing revolutionary about the recipe: brioche bread, lettuce, a few slices of tomato, chopped onion, old-fashioned mustard, ketchup, melted cantal and a steak of flame-grilled beef – there is also a vegetarian version.

To get to the bottom of it, the food editor has on Konbini tasted the burger in turn, but on the spot, and not on delivery. Conclusion: a burger with comforting simplicity that doesn’t go overboard and that fully fulfills its mission. Still, it’s a fast food chain burger, neither very disappointing nor extremely satisfying. Special mention, however, for the old-fashioned mustard, so precious for a few months, and the clever balance between the Holy Trinity of vegetables, lettuce-tomato-onion.

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