what is “nitrite free” industrial ham worth?



Food: what are industrial hams worth? "nitrite-free" ?
France 2

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K. Toufik, M. Anglade, E. Sizarols, F. Fontaine – France 2

France television

More and more industrial ham is sold “nitrite-free” in the trade. But is that really a good thing? We will answer you.

The section “Behind our labels” in the 13 hours of France 2 on Wednesday 14 September 2022 is interested in the boom of ham without nitrites. It has become a selling point on supermarket shelves. Nitrite is an additive that keeps the ham’s pink colour, but is also considered to be hazardous to health. So consuming without nitrite, is it really a plus and necessary?

BĂ©atrice de Reynal, a nutritionist, deplores the industrial process: “In the ingredient list there are no nitrite salts. So I’m happy. But the problem is that they put plant extracts which are very rich in nitrates. During the process, there will be a creation of nitrite.And to conclude:There are no nitrite salts in the recipe, but on your plate there will be.” Nutritionists recommend eating two slices of processed ham per week. Trust its color: the grayer it is, the less nitrite it contains.

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