This is what happens to your hair when you shampoo 2 times in a row

Have you always had the habit of doing two shampoos one after the other, and in your opinion, this is the only way to be sure of having clean hair? However, more and more people are adept at no poo, which consists of not washing their hair at all, while others try to limit the number of shampoos as much as possible to preserve their hair.

Among all these conflicting winds, hard to separate the true from the false and to know what is really better to have beautiful hair.

Making 2 shampoos is not really helpful

But if you always make two shampoos, you will be disappointed: the second shampoo is not really useful. The first shampoo rids the scalp and lengths of dirt, impurities and dead skin, but the second shampoo doesn’t add much more.

It even risks attacking or even removing the sensitive scalp and promoting the production of sebum, which will then make the hair greasy more quickly. Washing twice can also dehydrate the hair and make the hair fibers less flexible. The hair then becomes dry and harder to style.

except when using gel or hairspray

However, if you regularly use gel, hairspray or wash your hair once a week, your hair will be dirtier or full of stubborn residue. In these cases, it may be necessary to use two shampoos to completely rid the hair of impurities.

Before you get into the habit of systematically washing twice, try brushing your hair before washing to remove dust and rinsing hair with cold water to tighten dandruff and regain lighter hair. This can allow you to make just one shampoo and save significant time and money while preserving your scalp.

Discover now what happens when you wash your hair with conditioner and 5 good reasons to rinse your hair with cold water.

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