these ground steaks sold in a big brand should not be eaten!

The meat speaks again of it! It is about chopped steaks that must be recalled. We find in this product, distributed in all Monoprix in France, the presence of E.coli STEC O26. This bacteria can have harmful effects on the health of consumers.

A new one product recall for meat ! After the pork skewers, the dry ham, the chicken nuggets, the chicken matchsticks… It’s around steaks and minced meatto be affected by a recall.

Lovers steaks and minced meat you have to be extra careful! Practical and fastto cook, we eat this product with all sauces. In a burger with some pastaor with rice … Steaks go well with many of our favorite dishes. Only this product, soldin all Monoprix from Franceshould no longer be consumed due to the presence of bacteria, E.coli STEC O26 .

Which product is affected?

Latest news

that Reminder regarding steaks and minced meat of the brand Monoprixsold in all Monoprix France . This product is marketed since 08/09/2022until 08/11/2022 . The reason for the recall : E.coli STEC O26 detection on further analyses.

This bacteriacan cause health problems . that selling inform you about possible symptoms within one week of consumption as “of diarrhea sometimes bloody abdominal painsand vomiting regardless of whether it is accompanied by fever“. He adds that “these symptoms may be followed (5 to 8% of cases) by serious renal complications, mainly in children“.

Anyone who has these symptoms after eating these chicken sticks is strongly advised to consult a doctor.

The affected products are:

  • GTIN 3350033898325, lot 5222023686101/60, latest date 16/08/2022
  • GTIN 3350033898509, lot 5222023686001/60, latest date 16/08/2022
  • GTIN 3350033898806, lot 5222023686201/60, latest date 16/08/2022

The references for the products in question are as follows:

  • 1 ground beef butcher style, 125 g, 5% fat, Monoprix
  • 2 beef steaks, 125 g, 5% fat, Monoprix
  • Minced meat in butcher style, 350 g, 5% fat, Monoprix

What if you have it at home?

If you have purchased these steaks or minced meatof the brand Monoprix since Drink reminder (the public website that lists all consumer product recalls) advises you stop consuming the product, the report to the point of sale or of Destroy it.

If you want to know more about the health risks of food recalls, see our guide to food recalls.

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