These 5 easy dessert recipes are perfect when it’s hot

To fight the heat, your diet can help you. These light desserts are as delicious as they are refreshing.

In recent days, temperatures have risen high, very high. If all the tricks were good for cooling down, from fans to cold showers, freshness is also on your plate.

It is necessary to stay hydrated and adjust your diet. How about that little sweet touch at the end of the meal? We reveal 5 recipes for light desserts that you can enjoy when it’s hot.

A light and fresh dessert: fruit water ice

If you and the kitchen make two, you can try your hand at homemade popsicles. There is nothing more simple! Spice up your base (water, fruit juice, tea, etc.) with fruit pieces for a gourmet dessert to help you beat the heat. You can choose molds in different sizes and shapes.

Click on the image to discover these fruity and practical shapes!

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A light and quick dessert without baking: sorbet

The homemade sorbets appeal to everyone, young and old. Rich in fruit, you choose the ingredients for your dessert, unlike the ice creams found in supermarkets. They are therefore better for your health and quench your thirst in hot weather. For convenience, you can prepare them with an ice cream maker. Discover the model from Leogreen below by clicking on the image. This small household appliance will be your ally in the summer.

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A light dessert for the evening: verrines

When it is hot, our appetite is reduced and our stomach is not ready to accommodate gigantic amounts of food. So we forget Paris-Brest during the heat wave to turn to lighter recipes like fruity verrines. The strawberry mousse accompanied by its whipped cream is the ideal dessert for a summer dinner.

A recipe for a light and gourmet dessert: the Japanese sando fruit

A little-known dessert in Japanese culture, the sando fruit is perfect for hot summer days. Both fresh and delicious, it brings together the best of both worlds in a single dessert. Its pieces of fruit complement each other with the roundness of the cream. A real pleasure. If you want to copy this recipe or another from The Social Food, check out their cookbook by clicking on the image below.

The social food – notebook with home recipes, €24.95 Fnac

An original light dessert: fruit tart with a twist

An apple pie? Too simple. A strawberry charlotte? Déjà vu. No, what you need is an innovative dessert to impress your guests and delight your taste buds. Alexa Duchene, revealed by Top Chef, reveals on her Instagram account a recipe for a strawberry tartlet, brillât savarin and tarragon pesto. A fruity dessert as fresh as it is original, perfect to end a summer meal with loved ones.

So which recipe will you be tempted by?

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