The secrets behind a good rice pudding recipe

This heritage dessert from French gastronomy has as many aficionados as grimacing foes, put off by the texture due to the starch released during cooking.

How to prepare an excellent rice porridge?

If this traditional recipe divided, to make an excellent rice porridge, 2 parameters must be taken into account. You must bet on quality raw materials – round ricesweet and organic milk, vanilla pod fleshy, cane sugar – and cook well, without completely absorbing the milk. Especially since rice porridge has many assets to seduce…

How to give originality to the rice pudding recipe?

Stick to a fixed recipe? A mistake, rice porridge lends itself to all fantasies! From adding a simple pinch of fleur de sel to a flavoring agent (cardamom, citrus peel, orange blossom, honey…), without forgetting gourmet toppings (salted butter caramel, chocolate) or crunchy (pistachios, pink pralines, etc.). ). In the vegetable version, we prefer almond, hazelnut or coconut milk drinks, more creamy and tasty than others, liquid and rather bland (rice, oats, etc.).

A perfect dessert for summer

Perfect to quench the appetite after a light salad. And it can be eaten very fresh, served in balls with an ice cream scoop and mixed with balls of sorbet. It is especially a friend of all summer fruits (peaches, strawberries, apricots, figs, etc.), in pieces, in compote, in coulis… With a slightly thick preparation, we even dare the presentation in sushi or maki-style portions.

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