The homemade Coke recipe that everyone is making on TikTok is bad for your health

Balsamic vinegar and sparkling water, this is the recipe for homemade cola that we see all over TikTok. If many are those who defend this drink as being a healthy version of Coca Cola, this is not the case.

What is this new drink that is a hit on TikTok?

TikTokeuse @mandyvjones, her real name Amanda Jones, followed by almost 49,000 people, was the first to mention this so-called miracle drink, which, according to her, would be the perfect alternative to Coca Cola because it is much healthier. In her video, she explains that it was her Pilates teacher who told her about it. According to the latter, it would be sufficient to mix sparkling water or lemonade as desired balsamic vinegar.

Still according to the influencer and her Pilates teacher’s trust, this craft drink would have the same taste as cola, but without the unwanted effects: there would be less sugar and fewer processed products. This recipe has gone so viral that a hashtag has even appeared on TikTok, #healthycoke.

@mandyvjones @LaCroix sparkling water? original sound – Amanda Jones

Why is this drink not so healthy?

This drink is far from everyone’s agreement, whether it is on the side of health professionals or on the part of some internet users. Many TikTokeurs claim that although the taste is close to Coca Cola, the smell of balsamic vinegar is less pleasant to the nostrils.

Even more worryingly, it is important to remember the negative effects that overconsumption of balsamic vinegar can have. If its benefits are proven, drinking it in large quantities like a soda could have health consequences, according to E-Sante. Balsamic vinegar, for example, has a much higher sugar content than other types of vinegar. Consuming it in large amounts can therefore cause stomach upset or even aggravate some people’s fragile bladders.


This was definitely some hashtag healthy coke

? original sound – Kirsten

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