The healthy homemade coke recipe that’s taking the internet by storm

If we don’t get tired of TikTok, it’s for its tips and other hacks that keep changing our daily lives. Between her always easy and tasty recipes and her advice to upgrade our beauty routine, we have enough to spend hours there. This time it is a recipe for coming up with your offer homemade cola which causes buzz on the application and even goes beyond its limits. The essential drink of summer (and indeed all seasons), this soda has many followers. The problem? Its high sugar content, which makes it the enemy of our line and our health. To enjoy its incredible taste but not suffer from its sugar content, TikTokeuse @mandy jones presented a “healthy version” of Coca-Cola. If this woman has started the production of a healthy homemade colawas the subsequent advice from his Pilates teacher, who assured him to swear by this drink.

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The healthy homemade cola recipe

The secret ingredient to making one healthy homemade cola ? Balsamic vinegar. No, you’re not dreaming. Add to a glass filled with ice cubes, accompanied by sparkling water, this recipe is very easy to make. During her test, the tiktok said amazed by the result that “ it really tastes like cola“. If this recipe can make skeptics, the hashtag #healthycoke has still identified more than 60 million views. Users of social networks do not hesitate to test this trend. So many people find the same taste as classic Coca-Cola, there are also those who say that the taste has absolutely nothing to do with the original drink.

Balsamic like Coca-Cola?

If TikTok is where many trends are born, is this one really worth testing? Although it is a natural and sugar-free drink, it is not not really good to test.

In fact, according to Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist and psychosomatic doctor who confided in the columns of HuffPost : “For a drink to be considered healthy, it must provide something more to the body. However, balsamic vinegar is composed of sulphites, which can cause stomach pain in people with a fragile stomach. They can also cause migraine attacks in people who are prone to headaches and worsen painful blisters. »

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A healthy homemade coke not so healthy?

Just because a drink is sugar-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very healthy. If you want to have fun without feeling guilty, it is better to bet on existing drinks that are already ready to fulfill this mission. This is the case with kombucha, for example. This fermented drink offers refreshment and bubbles of soda, fewer calories. So this is the right way to profit without increasing the number on the scale. If you’re really a big fan of Coca-Cola, the best way to enjoy it is to consume it in moderation. Quality over quantity!

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