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Små Studenterretter is a title from the Best Recipes collection, from Larousse editions, published in August 2022. A square book that offers a hundred easy and quick recipes, but also cheap or with friends, for students so they can eat well!

The culinary book begins with a summary, which presents the five main parts to be discovered, as well as the index at the end. Snacks, soups and salads, quick and cheap dishes, small meals with friends and desserts are therefore suggested in this book. At each part, a different summary presents the different recipes available. Thirteen recipes are thus offered for snacks. Simple dishes, quick to make and especially to transport, for lunch. The recipe is presented on one side, on the other side against an enticing photograph that suggests a beautiful presentation of the dish.

the-best-recipes-small-student-meals-LarousseThe recipes are simple, pretty well described, for students. In fact, they will easily find the number of portions, preparation and cooking times, and the list of ingredients. Then, the recipes are divided into several numbered steps that must be followed to be sure to make the chosen dish perfectly. The indications are clear and precise, in order to best support the students. Sometimes small stamps are added at the end of the recipes to note if it is vegetarian, express, wow, easy… Notifications that will appeal to young people chefs, which can also be found more easily. The photographs present the finished dishes and offer a beautiful and attractive presentation that makes you want to test and taste. The index at the end of the book will make it easier to find favorite recipes in alphabetical order.

Small student meals is a culinary book from the Best Recipes collection, published by Larousse. A perfect book for this back to schoolwhich will accompany students in their first steps in the kitchen, with gourmet, simple, quick, cheap recipes…

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