The best honey desserts

Honey, we know. But this is not the only product from beekeeping!

The best raw materials from beekeeping

K├ęsako beekeeping? In the agricultural field, it is the breeding of honey bees to utilize the hive’s products. And if honey is the main product, it is not the only one. Beekeeping also makes it possible to harvest wax, royal jelly, pollen and propolis… which can also be used in the kitchen!

Making candles, cosmetics, changing plastic wrap… There are 1000 and 1 ways to take advantage beeswax ! And even in the kitchen. There is beeswax (edible!) valued for greasing the molds, replacing baking paper, butter as a release agent. On the other hand, don’t plan to replace all the butter in a recipe with wax!

Precious, expensive, it is consumed mainly in the form of a capsule, as a cure; the reason why it is generally not used in cooking recipes! his taste? It’s quite surprising! Royal jelly is creamy, tart and slightly spicy at the same time.

It is generally marketed in the form of pollen balls. Agglomerated in the form of balls by bees, pollen is known for its many health benefits! It especially helps to fight fatigue and to strengthen the immune system. In the kitchen ? You sprinkle it on your yogurt or dilute it in a drink… Its taste is floral and slightly bitter (and varies slightly depending on the type of flowers harvested).

That propolis, it is the specific material made by bees from wax and vegetable resin produced by certain plants. Like pollen, propolis has several health benefits! It can be eaten fresh, in several forms: to chew, liquid to dilute… The taste of propolis? It can vary according to which plant species is born, but it is pronounced and quite unpleasant; if you want to use it in the kitchen, you better have a nimble hand!

The best honey desserts

What if we took advantage of all these possibilities to design delicious desserts around beekeeping products? The star of the best desserts is of course honey, which takes pride of place in cakes, entremets, madeleines… to which they bring smoothness, sweetness and flavor! lured? Discover our selection of best honey dessert ideas seen on Pinterest!

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