The secrets behind a successful vegetarian dinner appetizer

Goodbye faithful peanuts, cucumber sticks and hummus. Culinary writer Amandine Geers gives us her best advice for a successful veggie aperitif. If the traditional aperitif honors meat products, aspiring vegetarians should not panic when faced with the sometimes disarming unknown of the vegetable world. To prepare a dinner aperitif, vegetarian, gourmet, original and which leaves …

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Gazami crab porridge

Gazami crab is a nutritious seafood rich in vitamin B, iron, potassium, calcium, copper and other minerals. Gazami crab porridge is a good recipe for nursing mothers, babies or the elderly to strengthen their health. >>Mussels sautéed with lemongrass >>Buttery sweet potato fries >>Shrimp salad Portions: 5 Preparation: 2 hours Cooking: 1 hour ingredients – …

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potato pancakes

To help parents get stubborn children to eat vegetables, there is a little trick: always mix them with potatoes. You can therefore boil the potatoes in water and mash them with broccoli – make sure it is not too green. Another option is hash browns, which are crispy on the outside and soft on the …

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