Stéphane Plaza is proud of himself, he is celebrating a special date!

In mid-summer 2022, Stéphane Plaza set himself quite a challenge! The host has decided to stop consuming alcohol and he can be proud of himself because this Saturday, September 17, he announced on his Instagram account that he had not had a drink for 53 days!

We are at the end of July 2022 and Stéphane Plaza decides to launch a new challenge in the middle of summer. The most well-known real estate agent has chosen to stay sober as long as possible. A challenge he explained with a post on Instagram a few days after he stopped drinking alcohol: “It is not by obligation, but by choice, to show you that anything is possible. Then you too take part in the challenge” By taking on this challenge, Stéphane Plaza hopes to encourage other people to imitate him in order to preserve their health. And although Karine Le Marchand’s friend was more motivated than ever to stop drinking alcohol, it must be said that the middle of summer is not easy, between invitations from friends and calls from the terraces. As proof, this humorous story about the host during a recording of one of his broadcasts on M6, which had a complicated start: “The ninth day I’m in the water. I’m going crazy.

53 days without alcohol!

To make this event less difficult to manage and still enjoy the summer, Stéphane Plaza has started in making cocktails, but without alcohol of course! Recipes that he shared with his subscribers on social networks. If he is largely occupied between his various shows and his game, the realtor does not forget to keep his fans informed about the development of his challenge. On August 13, he thus shared his great victory in history by revealing that he had not drunk alcohol. for 18 days. And Stéphane Plaza does not intend to stop there, since this Saturday, September 17, more than a month later, he revealed again the number of days he went without consuming alcoholic beverages by sharing this story: “Stephane happy, 53 days without touching a drop of alcohol“. Hosted by House for sale hang on, his loved ones can be proud of him!

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