Recipe ideas: gooseberries, a sweet summer flavor for our desserts

Currant, a sweet summer scent.
With red or yellow clusters, there are dozens of varieties of currants. (©Circleps-AdobeStock)

Red or yellow currant, its botanical name ribes rubrum, the gooseberry bush arrived in France in the Middle Ages. There is dozens of varietieson the market or for planting.

Choose a seedless variety like Palluau. It produces fruits of a dazzling pink, easy to work in coulis, jam and tarts.

Red, white or black, the gooseberry has it all, it is a real source of vitamin C which help our body defend itself against the harmful effects of free radicals. It is also rich in vitamins A, B and fibre.

low calorie contentlow in sugar, it contains potassium and pectin.

We don’t know enough

The redcurrant has a vintage air, it has fallen into oblivion in our kitchen, all too often associated with the basic redcurrant jelly. It’s time to change your view!

You will enjoy his slightly sour side which will excite your taste buds. Choose it in a tray that is still on the bundle, it is a sign of freshness. Also check that the stalks are very green and the grains are firm, your eye will tell the difference.

Gooseberries of course, delicate and fragile, must be handled with care. This is why it is often presented in trays.

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Good to know

To prepare the currants, simply run them gently under running cold water, dry them gently with a paper towel.
The gooseberry freezes well, sprinkled with sugar and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Red or yellow?

Do you like red currants? Choose varieties such as Red Lake or Junifer.

You will also hear about gooseberry… It lives up to its name, used by the British to prepare the marinade accompanying fish. It is yellow in color and less acidic than the red currant.

Gooseberry recipes

Gooseberries are very good company. Prepare a crumble, push it in clafoutisof financialput it together with nectarines, add it to one salad fruits.

Currant, a sweet summer fragrance.
Rib cakes, a dessert that couldn’t be more summery. (¬©Africa Studio/AdobeStock)

Prepare a delicious muffin recipe gooseberries, addition of ground almonds. Currants are a small delicacy that must be offered without moderation!


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