RECIPE: 3 easy and delicious strawberry desserts to make in less than 15 minutes

Strawberry is very good nature, but sometimes you can do better, especially when you receive people. Here are 3 ultra-quick strawberry dessert ideas for a wow effect on the guest table.

Sugar, lemon juice or whipped cream… that’s it for the basic (and very good!) versions of strawberry salad. But if you want some upgrade your end of the meal, here are 3 ideas for quick and easy strawberry desserts that will impress when served. The basis is of course the strawberries (count around 200 grams per person) who you want to marry meringues, speculoos or orangesaccording to your taste … and what you find in your closet.

1. Ultra-quick: meringue strawberries

In a rather transparent dish, pour your strawberries, which you have previously peeled, washed and cut into pieces if they are large. Cover with a generous layer of whipped cream. Crumble over small meringues to form a final layer. Store cool, but avoid the refrigerator, which tends to kill the strawberry flavor. When serving, make sure that lay out the three layers (strawberries, whipped cream and crumbled meringues) in each dessert plate. But nothing prevents you from making this recipe in fairly wide verrines for individual servings.

2. Without baking: strawberry tarts

Crush Type Cookies speculoos with soft melted butter. Count about 200 grams of speculoos to 80 grams of butter. Arrange the resulting dough in the bottom of small individual pie tins. Whip off liquid cream to make it thicker or faster, use mascarpone cream to spread on your speculoos pie base. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour. Wash and cut your strawberries that you want to plant according to their size in a rosette in the cream, just before serving.

3. Ultra-fresh: strawberry soup with orange

Realize strawberry soup by mixing them with the juice of an orange and a tablespoon of orange blossom. Core the oranges cut slightly higher than their half (give one large orange per person) and fill them with your strawberry orange juice soup. Sprinkle with mint leaves to decorate. That is it !


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