Ramadan dessert recipe: the best sweet recipes

During the month of Ramadan, many dishes are prepared to celebrate the end of the fast when the sun sets. We also celebrate the holidays Eid al-Fitr, at the end of Ramadan, where traditional dishes are prepared. To celebrate this religious festival as it should be, starters, main courses and also desserts are prepared. We find Ramadan sweet recipes and preparation of oriental pastries.

For inspiration, here is best sweet recipes to make for Ramadan.

Dessert recipes for Ramadan

That oriental cakes and traditional cakes are often very gourmet. Among the star ingredients are honey, orange blossom, pistachios and almonds. We also like the puff pastry or the various dried fruits, perfect to please all sweet tooths. Among the best recipes for oriental desserts we find zlabia, baklava, feqqas, bouchnikha, chebakia, gazelle horn…

We find Algerian recipes, Moroccan recipes, Tunisian recipes, Lebanese recipes… In short, different and varied preparations, perfect to finish Ramadan meal on a sweet note. Our favorite recipe? Macros. We are melting for these little orange cakes, made from wheat semolina and date paste. We also succumb to the msemen, this recipe for a melting and crispy crepe at the same time. We add honey or syrup to add a nice touch of gluttony.

Sweet recipes for Ramadan

Makrouts, Baklavas, Blighates, Tcharak, Basboussas, Knafeh or Chebbakia, oriental pastry recipes follow each other but do not resemble each other. Here there is something for every taste! Fondant, crispy, soft… The preparation varies according to wishes and preferences and can also be adapted to individual tastes.

What to make a big one dessert buffet for Ramadan !

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