Ploemel, Caissargues, Maisons-Alfort and Blois

Unusual accommodation at “La Belle folie” in Ploemel (Morbihan)

Price: From €10 for hammocks, Tents for two people with box spring and mattress for €30, Chicks for €60, large premium cabins including Caravan from €90 per night for two people

The caravan


Listrec oysters

At Locoal-Mendon

Learn to make your mosaic in Caissargues (Gard)

Price: for a 4-hour workshop, €55 and for the whole day €100 all included



Restaurant “Nîmes sky”

On the roof of Carré d’art

Set menu for €18.50 for lunch

Fragonard Museum of the National Veterinary School in Alfort (Val de Marne)

Price: Free visit on the occasion of heritage days / the rest of the year: €8 for adults, free for children under 26, guided tour provided by the school’s students for €11


Fabrice Mignot’s Culinary Chronicle: Welsh


Ingredients for 4 people

• 800 g of cheddar

• 1/4 liter dark beer

• 200 g country bread, i.e. 4 slices

• 4 eggs

• 160 g of white ham, i.e. 4 slices

• 50 g old-fashioned mustard

• 1 g of pepper

1/ Preheat the oven to 210°C.

2/ Pour a few drops of beer (keep the rest for later) on each slice of country bread. Brush them with half of the mustard and place each in an ovenproof dish (or a small gratin dish). Place a slice of ham, folded in half, on each toast.

3/ Cut the cheddar into small cubes to melt it over low heat in the pan, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. When the cheese is well melted, add the rest of the beer (approx. 20 cl) while continuing to stir. When the preparation is homogeneous, add the remaining mustard, pepper and mix.

4/ Pour the melted cheese mixture into the pans to cover the ham slices. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.

5/ Meanwhile, cook fried eggs in a very hot pan.

Place a fried egg on top of each casserole at the end of the oven and taste the Welsh immediately. To accompany with some crispy fries and some green salad

Take part in the Zarbi cycle

24 September 2022

To celebrate the inauguration of the new greenway in southern Touraine, between Descartes and Tournon Saint Pierre, i.e. 42 km.


Roche Bellin property

3 km from Descartes

Unusual accommodation

From €83

The Doubt Foundation in Blois (Loir-et-Cher)

In Danielle Moreau’s column: Chantal Goya takes us to Berry

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