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Nothing beats cooking to warm up the mood. This Sunday, a sandwich recipe filled with olive oil and oregano, from the chef of Terre de Blé, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

As a nod to a stay in Nice – or any other place where pan bagnats is elevated to the rank of religion – this weekend we make pan-garnis, the version made in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence by chef Mina Kandé (Terre de Blé). And too bad if it’s ugly, nothing stops you from tasting this masterpiece Street food The Mediterranean well hidden in his living room. The recipe, taken from Hot, 60 recipes to seduceby Victoire Loup (1), is given to two people.

You will need: 1 wand; 2 sardine fillets in oil; 2 eggs; 1 tomato; 1/2 cucumber; 1/2 bell pepper; 1/2 red onion; 10 black olives; 1 sprig of oregano; 1 fresh cheese of your choice (ewe, ricotta, feta, goat, etc.); olive oil; spices of your choice (zaatar, sumac, paprika, etc.); harissa or fresh chili (optional); preserved lemon (optional); fresh herbs of your choice; if you have it on hand, a few slices of grilled eggplant.

Cut the tomato, cucumber and pepper, cut the onion into slices. Cook the eggs in boiling water for six minutes, then peel them. Just before tasting, cut the baguette in half and cut the pieces widthwise; drizzle the bread with olive oil, crumble the cheese on top. Add the sardines, raw vegetables, eggs and olives (ideally pitted), removing the sprig of oregano. Add spices, chopped herbs and optional toppings of your choice.

If you plan to eat your sandwich outside, it is advisable to prepare it at the last minute, bring the filling in small tupperware.

(1) ed. Human Humans, 2021, €19.90

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