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Easter is not very far away and it is the time of the year that we love so much since chocolate overdose is allowed there. And yes, it’s not because we grew up and became organizers egg hunt, rather than the hunters that we no longer have the right to exploit. With all the confectioners’ creations, we’d even say it’s a crime to deprive yourself of them. But if Easter is known for its chocolates, it is above all a moment of sharing and reunion with our loved ones. So who says big family gathering, says exceptional desserts to put on the table. And if you are responsible for their preparation, we deliver our Easter recipes and our ultra simple dessert ideas and very regressive that will please young and old.

For Easter, we want chocolate and more chocolate

Hang your taste buds, because you risk falling back into childhood from the first bite. The desserts that we will offer you are an overview of what we like best. Here we leave the calories in the cupboard and focus on enjoyment. For the pleasure of our taste buds, we have selected recipes provided by renowned chefs. Between Cyril Lignac, Pierre Herme, Christopher Michalakor, Vincent Guerlais, it promises to be very tasty! The key word in our recipes: chocolate. Put on your apron, you have nuggets to prepare! Find all our recipes in the slide, and our 3 favorites below.

The nest of sand roses at La Noccilata:

Ingredients for about fifteen roses:

  • 150 g Nocciolata dairy-free spread
  • 150 g cornflakes
  • 30 g of coconut oil
  • sugar Easter eggs (optional)

The preparation:

  1. In a bowl, melt the Nocciolata Dairy Free spread and coconut oil in a bain-marie.
  2. Mix well until the coconut oil and lubricant form a smooth, shiny and homogeneous mixture.
  3. Remove the bowl from the bain-marie and then add the cornflakes. Mix until all cornflakes are covered with chocolate.
  4. Place cornflakes in paper cupcake cases. You can press in the center with the back of a spoon to make a small hole and form a nest where you will deposit the sugar eggs.
  5. Place the boxes in the fridge for an hour
  6. Once out of the fridge, add the decorative eggs to the center of the nest.
  7. Pamper yourself

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