Original ideas for non-alcoholic aperitifs

Gone are the days when the non-alcoholic aperitif was just a simple orange juice or a glass of soda! Today, there are a multitude of alternatives for having fun and refreshing yourself with a delicious non-alcoholic drink.

Soft drinks: a booming market

The French are more and more aware of their consumption. Attitudes are changing and alcohol is now consumed in a more reasoned and reasonable way. Its consumption is thus no longer a prerequisite for celebration, as it was a few years ago. The numbers prove it, increasing by +40% in 5 years, the non-alcoholic drinks segment is soaring. This is reflected in particular by a change in the habits of the French: 1 household in 4 testifies to consuming non-alcoholic beverages.

The choice has also developed enormously, it is possible to find many products such as non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic aperitifs, non-alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic wine and even non-alcoholic aniseed… There is literally something for everyone!

We want you to discover the many alcohol-free alternatives for a festive summer without excess!

Our favorite brands for a non-alcoholic aperitif!

VENEZZIO Spritz! You will find the taste of the famous Venitien Spritz cocktail, with the power of its bitter orange, all in a non-alcoholic version and made in Italy! As you have probably understood, it is not because we do not consume alcohol that it is impossible to enjoy a very fresh cocktail with a dolce vita trend!

Looking for an even more festive product, nothing better than alcohol-free bubbles! Take advantage of Artigny’s wide selection of non-alcoholic sparkling wines. These non-alcoholic wines can be drunk neat or in a cocktail, always chilled (but be careful without ice cubes, otherwise the bubbles will break). There is something for every taste: Grand Classic, Rosé, flavored or organic non-alcoholic wine or Prestige Cépage Chardonnay…

Our favorite non-alcoholic cocktail recipes

To make your own cocktails at home, get new ideas and discover the latest trends, go to the Destination Cocktails website: the reference page to learn about mixology. You will find plenty of alcohol-free recipes that are easy to reproduce at home and, above all, delicious!

Here are two of our favorite and colorful recipes for a fun summer!

Prestige Tangerine Cocktail


1 cl white balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon mandarin jam

3 cl Caraïbos maracuja nectar

12 cl d’Artigny Cuvée Prestige

Pour vinegar, tangerine jam and maracuja nectar into the shaker.

Shake and then serve in a champagne flute. Complete with 12 cl d’Artigny Cuvée Prestige.

Venezzio Café cocktail


7/8 coffee beans

1 splash of orange (or lime) juice

10 cl Bitter Venezzio

Finally here an example of a healthy fruit cocktail to do at home!


6 blueberries

2 raspberries

A few mint leaves

1 cl sugar syrup

1 cl lime

4 cl birch water (you can add water instead)

Mash blueberries, raspberries, mint and sugar syrup. Then add the birch water and then the d’Artigny Bio. Garnish with currants. To be enjoyed without moderation!


Soft drinks are on the way. Delicious and refined, they have nothing to envy to classic alcoholic drinks. The taste is okay. On the other hand, no regrets are guaranteed!

There are lots of products to discover and many ways to consume them: mocktail, pure, for take away or on your terrace in the sun… It’s up to you to discover this universe full of surprises!

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