Make smoothies anywhere you want with this portable blender

The sunny days are well and truly back and we want cold drinks and fruit. It’s always nice to sit on the terrace with friends for a drink, but sometimes you want to enjoy yourself at home without having to pay the price of a cocktail or a smoothie every time. For this we have found a solution that should please you as it allows you to prepare your drink at a lower price and also take it with you everywhere!

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Portable blender, juice blender – 38.99 euros

Smooth(ie) criminal

It was while browsing Amazon that we discovered this blender, which allows you to take your smoothie straight away with you once you’ve got the blend you want, without having to transfer it to another container. It is therefore a very practical purchase that will also allow you to make fruit or vegetable juice as well as milkshakes. Also note that it is easy to clean, as the body and base of the container are removable.

Add a drop of washing-up liquid and some warm water, then close and now run your blender. Rinse and you are ready to experiment with a new drink. The brand insists that the product’s sound system is designed to leave no fruit residue inside, adding that it “doesn’t make noise like [blenders] traditional”. It’s rechargeable and comes with a USB cable if you’re ever away from home but have your computer on you. The brand concludes: “This device is perfect for mixing a variety of ingredients for a variety of recipes”. You can find it on Amazon for 38.99 euros.

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