long live gourmet aperitifs… and candles!

1/ We sort through the finished classics

Let’s face it: aperitifs consisting of consuming alcohol and sipping packets of “little nothings” are not good for your figure or your health…

– Side drinks

No alcohol is “less worse” than another. Even with a mountain of ice cubes or drowned in water, the power and damage remain.

For reference… 1g of alcohol = 7kcal and there is 10g of pure alcohol in a 10cl glass of wine or 1 small flute of champagne, half a beer at 5°, a dose of 30ml of pastis or whiskey at 40° and in a bowl of 300ml of cider at 3-4°. Each glass provides around 100kcal.

To remember: alcohol, which among other things stimulates the appetite(hence the term aperitif) should be limited to 1 drink/d for women, 2 for men and never every day

Also, be careful with…

– the classic soft drink (200 ml = 4 to 5 sugar cubes),

– “sugar-free” with sweeteners harmful to weight and gut microbiota,

– tomato juice containing up to 6 g of salt/l,

– non-alcoholic beer which title less than 1° but contains carbohydrates and 50Kcal/can.

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– Snack page

Limit… industrial products rich in salt, sugar and fat that chop in automatic mode:

– chips and appetizer (180Kcal/30g);

– cocktail sausages, sausage/chorizo, pâté and pâté en croute (300Kcal/100g);

– surimi (80Kcal/100g), sometimes richer in additives and salt than in fish. A calorie trap if it is also coated with mayonnaise or taramasalata (300Kcal/100g).


the bresaola or the white ham rolled and planted with an aperitif chop on a cherry tomato to lower the salt content;

nuts with good fatty acids (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.) in a small handful in the plain, non-grilled/salted form;

off the hill aperitif raw vegetables (cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, carrots, radishes), but more economical to make yourself and to accompany with one light sauce (cottage cheese 0%, curry-type herbs or spices).

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2/ We prefer homemade recipes for aperitif

When the aperitif drags on or turns into a dinner party, we quickly abuse it. Hence the interest in homemade to better control slippage.

– The drinks side

homemade, flavored water (no added sugar), smoothies (which preserves the fiber of the fruit) or well-seasoned tomato juice (but without added salt) are all delicious and healthy alternatives to prolong the pleasure of summer aperitifs without damage.

Nicely served cocktail-style, they immediately make you forget the absence of alcohol… which is not essential to having a good time!

– Snack page

Here is 3 quick and easy recipes to make to please the taste buds and the health without bad fat or sugar or excess salt that aggravates hunger and thirst…

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• The recipe for carrot chips with cumin

For 4 people. 4 large carrots, 4 tbsp. on p. olive oil, 3 tbsp. c. cumin powder, pinch of salt

Peel and cut the carrots into thin rings, pat dry, mix them in a salad bowl with all the ingredients. Bake for 20 minutes at 210°C on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Turn them several times and let them cool in the switched off oven.

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• The recipe for crab rillettes with coriander

For 4 people.

1 can of natural crab, 1 plain sheep’s yoghurt, 1 tbsp. c. mustard, juice of 1/2 lemon, 10 sprigs of chopped coriander, salt, pepper.

Drain the crab well and mix it with all the ingredients, and measure the yoghurt to the desired consistency.

Serve chilled with raw vegetables (carrot sticks, cucumber, radish, tomatoes) or sourdough bread.

The recipe is also available with tuna, sardines…and other herbs (chives, garlic, curry…)

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• The recipe for chickpeas with paprika

For 4 people.

240 g chickpeas, 2 tbsp. on p. olive oil, 1 tbsp. c. paprika, oregano and fleur de sel, ½ Espelette pepper.

Rinse and dry the chickpeas, mix them in a salad bowl with all the ingredients and spread them out on a plate lined with baking paper.

Bake them at 180°C for 10 minutes, turn them over, cook for 20 minutes longer.

Remove, let cool and chop.

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thanks to Véronique Liesse, dietitian, nutritionistauthor of My bible for losing weight without dieting, ed. The Duke.

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