In the kitchen: what should we put in our fruit and vegetable juices?

Homemade juice is great for your health.
Homemade juice is great for your health. (©m-studio-stock-adobe_-com)

Centrifuge, juicer, citrus press… So many culinary aids designed to simplify your cooking and allow you to prepare tasty fruit or vegetable juice recipes.

The beverages healthy has been popular for several years, the Innocent brand has also widely settled on supermarket shelves with its fruit juices with unusual and original blends such as these apple-pear-cucumber, rhubarb-apple-pear and beet smoothies or more apple-kiwi – cucumbers with a touch of spirulina.

You will also find detox drinks on the market, where fruit and vegetables are combined with coconut water or vegetable milk.

Find the right balance

If you want to have fun preparing your drinks or smoothies, the field of possibilities is very wide. Count 40% fruit for 70% vegetables.

Carrots go very well with oranges, both are sources of vitamin C. You can also prepare a cocktail to give yourself a boost with carrots, apples and parsley.

Do you want or need to detox your body? Try cucumber-apple-kiwi juice mixed with kale leaves. You will appreciate its filling side.

Do not hesitate to add lemon, it will erase the bitterness of certain green vegetables.

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fruit and vegetable juice
You must give free rein to your imagination and your desires. (©dtatiana-stock-adobe_-com_)

Sometimes dangerous associations

No need to add sugar to your smoothie, fruits contain fructose. A portion of fruit corresponds to 12 grams of sugar, WHO recommends not consuming more than 15 grams per day.

Avoid mixing tomatoes and cucumber together in order not to mix foods with slow and fast absorption, you risk bloating.

Bananas and milk don’t mix well either. It is a hard drink to digest. Instead, choose to make a creamy drink by mixing the banana and the kiwi.

If you have chosen to prepare a smoothie, do not hesitate to give it texture by adding flax seeds, some matcha tea or a few filaments of spirulina for a vitamin C supply.

Fresh fruits containing fiber such as papaya, pineapple, peach or pear can also allow you to increase the volume.

So many ideas to make you love “juicy therapy”!

With juice, there is something for everyone. (©_airborne77-stock-adobe_-com_)


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