How to make homemade mochi?

How do you make mochi? Getty Images

Their creamy texture and their very specific taste make them an essential dessert for culinary globetrotters. How to make delicious mochi.

How are mochis made?

Mochis are a traditional Japanese sweet preparation. Originally, this gourmet dessert was prepared on the street by two artisans. One is there to grind rice flour with a hammer and the other to make it into a sticky paste. It is the basic ingredient in the famous dessert. It’s technical work and fascinating to watch, but to make homemade mochi there’s a much simpler technique: buy glutinous rice flour.

How to make homemade mochi?

To make frozen mochis, prepare 4 to 5 centimeter scoops of your choice of ice cream. When the mochi dough is ready, simply spread each piece of mochi dough over 10 centimeters, place the ball inside and close the mochi. If it is too sticky, it is possible to use food thread to close the dessert. Then put the balls in the freezer for 2 hours before you can enjoy them.

How to make Nutella mochi easily?

A typical example of fusion cuisine, Nutella mochis are popular. This recipe is easy to make with a few tricks. To start, prepare small balls of Nutella with a teaspoon. Place on baking paper, the balls can be cooled in the fridge. The Nutella balls freeze a little and it becomes easier to handle them. Next we make the mochi dough. When the dough has the right texture, pieces of dough are rolled out, a ball of Nutella is pushed in and the ball is closed with starch or stretch film. Mochis must be refrigerated before eating.

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How to make chocolate mochi?

To make chocolate mochis, the chocolate ganache must be made yourself and stored in the fridge so that it is easier to work with. It is necessary to take 120 grams of chopped dark chocolate, pour over it 6 centiliters of very hot liquid cream. Place the bowl on ice and stir until the melted mixture settles. Then it’s a matter of reserving in the fridge. The sequence of events is the same as for making Nutella mochis. We prepare the mochi dough and then decorate it with chocolate ganache before putting it in the fridge. Mochis are very popular for their texture and originality.

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