How do you make your macaroons? 5 tips for unmistakable macaroons

Macaroons are a must in French pastry. Discover 5 tips to make your recipe a success!

Macaroons are one of the most difficult desserts to make in pastry. These small candies made of almond powder and filling are very fragile and delicate to handle. No matter how much we try to follow the recipe to the letter, we are not immune to a small miss and a cracked shell, no collar or undercooked. But in pastry, every detail counts. Here are 5 essential rules to follow if you want to become a macaron ace!

1. Sift flour and almond powder for smooth macaroons

Quite often the aiming stage goes astray. But in the macro everything is a matter of precision. It is important to sift flour and almond powder a regular result both in appearance and taste. If you don’t have a sieve, mix in the almond powder finely. Perfectly smooth shells are yours!

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2. Mix the macaron dough slowly and long

The moment when you have to mix the ground almonds and icing sugar with the beaten egg whites is undoubtedly the most important. This is called macroning. Also, make sure you beat your egg whites well to get a beautiful collar when you prepare your macarons.

At all costs, take your time push out all air bubbles and has a perfectly smooth preparation. To mix the dough well, get a spatula (silicone spatula) and raise the dough from the bottom to the top, starting from the center of the bowl out to the sides. Repeat the action several times, turning the bowl. The trick to knowing if the batter is mixed enough? You have to lift the dough using the spatula and make a long thick ribbon.

3. Tap on the plate after poaching the macaroons

Once your macarons are poached on a plate cold covered with baking paper, tap the plate several times straight on the work surface. This step allows you to drive the last air bubbles out of the macaron and give it a nice round shape. To get round macaroons by poachingyou can use a macaron mat, which will make your work easier.

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4. Let the macaroons fry

Again, it’s tempting to skip this step behind the macaroons very quickly and arrives sooner at the time of tasting. Error! The crust is essential for macaroons. They must rest at room temperature for 1 hour before going into the oven, so that a nice crust forms on the shells and rises during cooking, without cracking of course!

5. Let it cool enough not to break the macaroons

When your macaron is cooked through, it is important to leave it to cool when it comes out of the oven, otherwise it will break at the time of manipulation. Same with ganache! It must be very cold. A hot or lukewarm ganache can break the macaron. If your ganache is cold and your macaron well chilled, there is no risk of it cracking when filled.

You’ve figured out that if there’s one word to remember when making macarons, it’s patience! If you’re in a hurry, opt for another quick dessert instead or make sure you have enough time ahead of you to get started on this complex but delicious recipe!

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