how do you make pastry cream?

Have you ever ventured into making homemade pastry cream and thought it was a task reserved for professionals? With our explanatory video, you will do it in two steps, making good pastry desserts.

Pastry cream adds a lot of texture and enjoyment to our desserts. This must-have in pastry is often feared by amateur pastry chefs, wrong. It is actually simple to make a good pastry cream, to decorate cabbage, a roll cake or to make a Basque cake!

In our video recipeyou will be able to see step by step how to do it to reproduce the same movements at home ! It’s simple, fast and you don’t have to no need to be equipped.👨‍🍳

You do not have thatrecipe ideas to make with pastry cream? Here are 6 to inspire you and prepare you during a dinner with friends or family or for a snack!

Steps to successful pastry cream

Add the egg yolks and sugar to a bowl and then whisk until the mixture is white.

Add the flour and mix.

Pour into a pot milk and do it bake 4 minutes.

Put some lukewarm milk in the bowl, to dilute the preparation more easily and mix.

Add the preparation from the salad bowl to the warm milk on the heat and whip it all up.

Add the vanilla pod (which must be removed before using the cream) and the seeds, which were previously scraped.

Mix with a whisk until boiling.

The cream is creamy, it’s ready!

6 recipe ideas to make with pastry cream

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