Honey-based preparations for athletes

To be effective, every athlete, even occasionally, must have a diet adapted to the body’s energy needs. Honey has real nutritional benefits for athletes both before and during training and recovery. What are the true benefits of this precious nectar? How to consume it daily?

Treasure, the energy ally of sports enthusiasts

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A jar of honey – Source: spm

Regardless of the nature of the physical activity performed, we need sweet products to boost our energy and achieve endurance. By consuming honey, an important natural source of fructose (slow sugar), you provide your body with bioavailable energy. This beehive product also has a lower glycemic index than glucose syrup gels commonly consumed by athletes. Honey is one of the most effective pre-workout carbohydrates as it is easily digested and released through the body at a steady rate. The beneficial effect of honey on the body is gradual. It is your best ally to maintain your physical activity and stay in top shape during training. This natural nectar accompanies athletes throughout the duration of the effort and avoids a sudden change in insulin levels. Rich in natural enzymes, honey facilitates the assimilation of food and improves digestion. Compared to sugar, it has a higher concentration of sodium. By choosing honey, athletes are better able to compensate for the losses of this mineral. It is an important source of antioxidants and also provides vitamins (B and C), minerals, iron and magnesium, elements necessary for the performance of any physical activity. You should also know that in addition to stimulating the appetite, honey promotes the relaxation of inflamed tissue.

A sweet drink made from honey

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A spoonful of honey – Source: spm

A preferred source of glucose and fructose, honey is an optional ingredient to incorporate into sports drinks such as waiting, exercise or recovery drinks. In particular, you can make a homemade energy drink made from honey to give your body water, energy, vitamins and minerals during exercise. Mainly containing coconut water, maltodextrin and honey, this recipe is easy to prepare and inexpensive. Just take 150 ml of fresh coconut water and add 20 g of pure maltodextrin (powder), 1 tablespoon of honey, 0.5 g of magnesium citrate (powder), 2 drops of lemon essential oil, a tablespoon of turmeric and 2 pinches of fleur de sel. Then add water until a volume of ½ liter is obtained. Do not forget to mix all the ingredients well until you get a smooth and homogeneous drink.

A tasty and nutritious cake

Honey can also be used in gourmet and healthy recipes! For breakfast or for a snack, athletes can choose a light and satisfying honey-based cake. This type of cake gives the body a reserve of carbohydrates that it can draw on during exercise.

This energy concentrate contains 300 g of white flour, 400 ml of skimmed milk, 150 g of honey, 120 g of various dried fruits (apricots, raisins, figs, prunes), ground almonds and oil.

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