Gironde. Langon: Mary’s Starbucks-style coffee shop opens next to E.Leclerc

The new Mary's coffee bar arrives in Langon (Gironde).
The new Mary’s coffee bar arrives in Langon (Gironde). (©Mary’s Coffee Shop)

To Longwe (Gironde), a new coffee shop is set to open its doors on Saturday 22 October 2022 in the Moléon area of ​​the new promenade. It’s “Mary’s Coffee Shop”, sort of Starbucks à la française, which aims to be “more authentic” with delicacies prepared under the eyes of gourmets.

This brand, which took its first steps in Saint-Etienne ten years ago, is launching its first gourmet coffee in the south-west in Langon. The fifth of the Saint-Etienne series.

Often compared to the popular Starbucks or Columbo brands, the creator of Mary’s, Aurélien Camps, wants to continue to “defend the authenticity of his coffee shop with a concept that works quite well” in his region. “In Saint-Etienne, everyone knows Mary’s. »

A café with a large terrace

Together with manager Sébastien Calixte, also responsible for the Metro in Langon, and his partner Anne Troubat, they have the ambition to establish the brand in the E.Leclerc area with a 124m2 establishment, equipped with a 42m2 terrace. “We wanted to open another business in Langon, the new promenade was a great opportunity”, confided Sébastien Calixte, impatient to welcome customers from the south of the Gironde.

A few weeks before the opening, Aurélien Camps gives a small preview of what Mary’s house will be like:

The advantage of this Mary’s in Langon is the large terrace. The weather is very often sunny where you are, so this will be an opportunity to taste our recipes in the sun. Muffins, brownies, cookies, crepe batter and pancakes are prepared and baked on site.

Aurelien CampsBrand creates.

Le Mary’s, a Saint-Etienne house born in 2011

Mary’s was born from the imagination of Marie Delolmes, the mother, and Aurélien Camps, the son. Fans of these American Store concepts decided in 2010 to work together to create a Saint-Etienne coffee shop brand where indulgence, relaxation and pleasure would be the key words. Mary’s was born! The first opened its doors in February 2011 near the Saint-Etienne faculty and was followed by two others in 2014 and 2015 in the city center. In 2018, they decided to launch their franchise network to develop Mary’s throughout the territory.

Fresh and environmentally friendly products

On the menu, the products come from organic farming, fair trade, best made in France. For example, the coffee is roasted in Chambéry in the Rhône Alpes. The syrups used are made with water from the Alps, without dyes or preservatives. Milk at Mary’s is milk from French farms and harvested less than 100 km around the dairy. The tasty offer is made on site, at each establishment, with fresh vegetables.

Recruitment of six baristas

Before opening, Mary’s wants to recruit six baristas. They will be trained in their Mary’s in Clermont-Ferrand to lead to permanent contracts, 35 hours or 24 hours. The Barista will be responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, preparing drinks, following recipes, keeping the booth area clean, following all health and safety regulations, etc.

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Work from Monday to Saturday and Sundays during holidays, sales or occasional events. Apply to: [email protected]

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