For 11 days, Foire de Marseille will delight you! The gastronomic program – From 23/09/2022 to 10/03/2022 – Marseille

The fair welcomes you, the theme of the Marseille fair is gastronomy! In addition to the traditional exhibitors, visitors will find a Hall of la régalade, a village with Food Trucks and a Provencal village in hall 5.

A village of Food Trucks

Designed in a “guinguette” spirit, this space promises tastings and culinary discoveries in a festive atmosphere.


The Little Wanderer : Concept Food Car created in 2020 by Ludovic Bicchie-
rai, who combines his two passions: pizza and cars

The Mexican Chef : Craftsman and chef, native of the country
Aztec, the Mexican chef offers a menu 100%

Street food : Aude restaurateurs in 2009, and restaurant
in France, Martinique and even Ibiza, their specialty today is gourmet and gourmet hamburgers.

Dear Zesto : The food truck/crêperie, established in 2012, offers
artisan pancakes and pancakes, prepared in traditional “cheap” ways.

Pasta take away : the only mobile ravioli factory and restaurant.

Mr. Bob : Bun bread with eggs and fresh cream, fresh mince from the butcher with homemade seasoning, homemade confit tomato compote, real aged English cheddar, incomparable BoB sauce, French fries
crispy potatoes cooked in beef…

food truck 13 : Fish & chips, squid rougail, bruschetta
del mar, grilled shrimp skewers.

At Gaston’s : Quirky, vintage and friendly concept, 4L Gaston
offers craft drinks, lemonades, iced tea and coffee customized by Sandrine (espresso, cappuccino, latte, machiatto…).

The Provencal village

Hall 5, a veritable hall of “La Régalade”, welcomes you to a Provencal village that honors local producers in an atmosphere redolent of the south. Brewers, dairymen, butchers and many others come here to present their products and know-how to visitors. And to prolong the experience, there is nothing like a game of petanque in good company

The podium

The podium is a stage that offers an entertainment program at
where visitors can get “hands-on”.

Friday 23/09
Participatory culinary workshops, “fast and good” theme.

Saturday 24/09:
10:00: cooking competition with mystery basket organized by Gourméditerranée Led by Michelin chef Guillaume Smiley.

13.00 to 17.00: demonstrations with Gourméditerranée chefs of the chiefs Lionel Levy, Sylvain Robert, Christophe Négrel,… and workshops such as “How to taste a wine” by

Guillaume Bonneaud

20:00 and 21:30: Philipe Roche, singer and stand-up, will play a 30-minute excerpt from his musical comedy show: “La Voix” from the first cry of man to the present day.

Sunday 25/09
10:00: cooking competition with mystery basket organized by Gourméditerranée Jury led by Michelin chef Guillaume
Sourrieu and Norbert Tarayre.

13.00 to 17.00: demonstrations with Gourméditerranée chefs.
Demonstrations of “Sucrés” by chefs Marie Rebuffat, Jean-Paul Bosca, Laurent Navarro… with interventions by producers, nutritionist

17.00: Final in the competition for the best baguette and the one for the best croissant).

Monday 26/09
Participatory culinary workshops, “Provencal cuisine” theme and Feng Shui intervention.
Hélène Guarino, consultant for Lumière Feng Shui will lead 2 workshops: “Cooking for health and luck” & “All the benefits of a Feng Shui kitchen and dining room”

Tuesday 27/09
Prado shopping center.
As neighbors, the center’s merchants will come to animate the podium over the theme of “the taste of beauty”.

Wednesday 28/09
Italian kitchen day, pizza and sweets on the menu.
Ludovic Bicchierai, Pizza World Champion and President of the National Pizza Training Center will share his tips and know-how.

Pastry chef Renzo Ballota, from the Marseille restaurant Pizze & Sfizi, will delight spectators with 2 typical Sicilian recipes: cannoli and cassata siciliana. With the assistance of CCI Italy.

Thursday 29/09 and Friday 30/09
The Marseille Méditerranée Market, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is organizing 2 “VitaMINées Days”, where producers will taste their local products and offer
cooking demonstrations.

Friday the 30th from 19:00:
Conference/exchange with Mohamed Cheikh, the winner of Top Chef 2021, followed by a signing session of his book “My Mediterranean cuisine”.

Saturday 01/10 and Sunday 02/10
Melba fishing competition and danced with the Disciples d’Escoffier association

October 1st:
11.00 and 12.30:creative workshops for children in pastry “autumn fig pie, cream of calisson and vanilla mascarpone »

12:30 p.m.:demonstration of milk boiling chickpeas and aquafaba, the water used for cooking Chickpea

2.30 p.m.:conference on the wines from Provence i presence of winegrowers and sommeliers

3:30 p.m.:general public competition “revisits La Pêche Melba »

18.00:demonstration and creative sculpture workshops on fruit and vegetables

19:30:induction of new disciples

Monday 03/10
Participating culinary workshops, theme “dinner aperitif”.

Norbert Tarayresponsor of the Marseille fair

Gastronomy requires, the sponsor of this edition is a chef! it is Norbert Tarayre rBred by the show Top Chef France in 2012.

Norbert will be present on Sunday, September 25 on the Halle La Régalade podium to meet and exchange culinary tips and advice with visitors.
His day at Parc Chanot will be marked by 2 highlights:

– From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. he is president of the jury for the Gourméditerranée competition for the best amateur chef

– From 17:00 to 18:00 he will be a judge in the finals for the best croissant and the one for the best traditional French baguette, organized by the Fédération des Boulangers des Bouches-du-Rhône

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