“Family Recipe” by James Albon: a juicy thriller for (…)

It is after a considerable inheritance that Rowan and his brother Tulip leave their maternal home and at the same time their tight little Scottish island to take charge of the metropolis and the busy life of London.

The two brothers use their qualities to establish a business there. Rowan grows organic vegetables on the huge land they just got, and Tulip prepares these healthy products in her restaurant with the promise of offering a moment of freedom to their customers tired of the hectic pace of the capital.

Reservations explode when the chef and his brother add a mysterious mushroom to the menu, unknown to ordinary mortals, discovered at the bottom of the garden. The money flows from then on, and Tulip’s ambitions overflow more and more. Problem: Neither the gardener nor the chef can grow this rare delicacy. But what makes it grow well? Everything must and will be done to get this mushroom back in sufficient quantities, but at what cost?

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This graphic novel with a plot full of twists has to be tasted, literally. Inventive, surprising and greedy (the album is 320 pages), Family recipe offers several reflections on the increasingly expressed return to local production, to the terroir and to the land. But also on a dichotomy private life / working life difficult to reconcile.

The reader is also in this addiction: when the first part is over, it is impossible to drop out and not consume the rest.

The rhythm is nice, James Albon directs his characters there like a chef who knows how to instruct his clerks to prepare a work of small onions. Its illustrations in soft colors contrast with the album’s tragic background. The places, restaurant and garden, really occupy the album’s first roles. In this sarabande, the dishes take on a dreamlike dimension, even nourishing as in The good painting, the famous story of Marcel Ayme.

An album therefore that you shouldn’t approach on an empty stomach…

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“Family Recipe” – By James Albon – Glénat Editions

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