don’t throw out your tired apples!

Starting today, the more wilted your apples are, the tastier they will seem to you! And jump, another anti-waste tip from Florence-Léa Siry.

But first, who says apple season says U-pick. Have you noticed that we always waste less when we make the effort to pick our own fruit? As if understanding all the work behind a bag of apples made us conscious and more creative.

We eat them as a snack, we make them for dessert, but we often forget how delicious they are in savory dishes. Especially the ones that are well messed up. Yes Yes! I’m talking about the ones you’d normally waste because they didn’t pass the lunch test or because they’re starting to show signs of dying. Well, from now on you have to look at the ugly apples differently. Imagine them perfect to spice up your tasty meals.

First you can simply fill them, scoop out the kernels with a spoon and top them with ‘touski’ (whatever is left over) such as bits of cold cuts or bacon, nuts, cheese and dried fruit. These happy apples are the perfect accompaniment to proteins and purées.

Do you like gratins? Place a few slices of apple between the slices of grilled vegetables. Nothing better than a layer of potatoes, turnips and apples to celebrate the arrival of autumn. The wilted apple will sweeten recipes with a stronger flavor. For example, I like to grate an apple in my veggie pâté recipe; in my opinion, it is the essential ingredient that highlights the basic recipe. Apple chunks in a taco mix, in a shepherd’s pie or in spiced cakes, it’s a winner!

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