discover kefir, an ultra-fresh drink to make yourself

A heat wave has spread across France. Possibility to prepare fresh homemade drinks. Among them, kefir, of which we invite you to discover 3 simple recipes.

The heat is back. Whereas the heat wave is in full swing across France for several days, recipes synonymous with freshness are the most in demand. And who says fresh recipes, says for example mixed salads, ice cream but also thirst quenchers. To change from the traditional lemonade or iced tea, among our best summer allies, there is also a lesser-known drink: kefir.

Kefir is a beverage that originates from the Caucasus region. It is obtained by fermenting kefir grains in milk or fruit juice. Ultra refreshing, it is known to have beneficial properties for our health : probiotic virtues, source of vitamins, soothing skin rashes, etc.

A healthy drink that is very easy to make. You will see through ours 3 recipes that you can make it at home with very few ingredients.

My grandmother’s milk kefir

Fruit kefir (old fashioned lemonade)

Water kefir

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