Desserts, we dare unlikely associations

No more classic white chocolate / red fruit or coffee / chocolate, we push the cheekiness much further!

How do you combine opposite ingredients in a cake?

The 1sttime scene? Invite less consensual ingredients into your desserts! We are interested in the possibilities that ingredients from other places offer, such as black sesame, matcha tea, adzuki beans… and not depriving yourself of using vegetables in your sweet recipes! Desserts with avocado, sweet potato, zucchini, squash (pumpkin, pumpkin, butternut, etc.), beetroot are more and more popular! Besides being often less sweet, vegetable desserts allow you to expand your palette of tastes and make tasty discoveries: it would be wrong to deprive yourself of them! Once acclimated to this range of ingredients that can be used in sweet recipes, all that’s left is to dare… to discover explosive combinations! The proven, a priori original, the lime/avocado cheesecake or the desserts with black sesame and red fruit have almost become classics of today’s pastry!

Desserts: the best unlikely pairings

Not convinced yet? Pinterest is full of recipes that combine ingredients more unlikely than each other: black sesame and yuzu tartlets, beetroot and red fruit cake, pistachio orange blossom tartlets, banana muffins and black sesame … Judge for yourself by discovering the most tempting recipes in our slideshow!

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