Dessert ideas to make during the heat wave

Are you hosting in the summer and don’t know what sweet to serve to end the meal without overwhelming your guests? When temperatures are high, certain recipes should be avoided. Forget cream-based cakes, which risk turning and are difficult to digest. Chocolate should also be avoided: the heat will melt it. In general, preparations that are too sweet are not appreciated when they heat wave settle down. prefer fresh and light desserts, especially based on red fruits and citrus fruits, which will bring a welcome note of acidity. Watermelon, a sip of water, is also a good idea, as is… the tomato! Don’t hesitate to throw a few mint leaves into your recipes, whether it’s a pie, a sweet gazpacho or just a fruit salad. Even more original: basil, verbena or coriander. In the end, who says dessert to make when it’s hot says ice cream and sorbet. With or without an ice cream maker, it is possible to make them at home. Serve with a few pieces of fresh fruit, a coulis and small cookies for an express ice cream sundae.

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