Cyril Lignac’s recipes for original chocolate desserts

This April 15, Cyril Lignac explains how to make delicious original cakes for the Easter meal.

“The biscuit of the Savoy, I like it because it’s like a sponge cake. You can cut it and inside you put a pastry cream with light whipped cream. We make truffles with small chocolate Easter eggs,” explains Cyril Lignac. To make the Savoy biscuit, we take 4 eggs, separate the whites from the yolks and mix the yolks with 125 g of sugar, flour and a bag of yeast. We beat the egg whites, mix everything and put in the oven to make our biscuits.

“I also like rolled cookie with chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings inside. And we decorate the top with small chocolate eggs”, continues the chef. For the rolled biscuit, you need to take two egg yolks and three whole eggs, add 135 grams of sugar and whip. We incorporate 85 grams of flour and we get the first dough.

Next, beat six egg whites, to which you add 85 grams of sugar, twice. Add everything to the first dough. My tip: buy a silicone plate with an edge. Spread the dough well with the spatula and put in a very hot oven, at 210 degrees, for five minutes. When cast off, it is done directly on a damp cloth. The water and heat will enable the biscuit to retain its moisture.

“And if not, we can do that too a mille-feuille. We cook the puff pastry, we put vanilla pastry cream with a piping bag and we add small eggs bought from the chocolatier”, explains Cyril Lignac.”The good thing about Easter is enjoying yourself with a home-baked cake, the one we master best and, of course, putting chocolate everywhere”, concludes the chef.

Do you have questions for Cyril Lignac? An idea for a recipe? Respond here, the chef will answer you in his column every morning at 8.55.

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