Cooking vegetables without preparing them is a mistake! What tips for a successful summer dish?

The need to hydrate is undeniable, especially in summer. If you are one of those who do not like to drink water, consuming raw fruits and vegetables is the right solution. Furthermore, most of them contain an average amount of water of 95%. Before cooking the vegetables, however, they must be drained so that they do not sink into their own water. An absolute condition for a successful summer meal! How to make it star vegetables? Find the answer in the article below!

What do you need to know to cook vegetables like a pro?

cooking vegetables multifunctionality vegetables guarantee tasty dishes all year round

The multifunctionality of vegetables guarantees the taste of dishes all year round. Swallowing vitamins even in winter thanks to dishes full of them, such as cauliflower gratin or cheering up and strengthening immunity with seasonal vegetables in February, all this is very possible. Given the ability to freeze zucchini, blanch green beans or dry them, vegetables can also be cooked in a loop. The first thing you need to know before putting them in the pot is to drain the water they contain.

cooking vegetables cucumbers water content makes cold soups salads popular

Paradoxically, the cucumbers that dominate the list of their watery counterparts do not need to be disgorged. Especially their water content makes them popular in a cold soup with the traditional name “tarator” for Bulgarian cuisine or in the very spicy Korean variety. The water in cucumber contains several minerals and provides a significant amount of daily water intake. If, on the other hand, a non-fresh cucumber stays in the fridge and becomes soft, it must be disgorged so that it regains some of its nutritional quality.

Should the radishes be disgorged?

cook summer vegetables red black fresh salads white disgorge remove spicy

Among the most popular varieties are one the size of a cherry and with red skin and another with white flesh and an elongated or round body. Although radishes follow cucumbers in their percentage of water, it is not necessary to disgorge them all. For example, the red variety is an essential ingredient in fresh salads. In combination with salad, and seasoned with balsamic vinegar, it is an excellent starter. On the contrary, the white or black varieties, strongly perfumed, must be disgorged to remove the specific bitterness and pungent taste. Why ? Grate first and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. About ten minutes later, wring out and discard the liquid.

Why drain the water from eggplants before cooking them?

cook seasonal vegetables eggplant drain remove bitter brown liquid

Although many chefs say that it is not recommended to sprinkle salt before cooking vegetables, we will protest. The pros refer to the harmful properties of salt and the nutrients it would kill in vegetables. On the one hand it is true, but on the other hand we cannot ignore it. Why ?

Take the example of eggplant! Soon after you cut them widthwise into rounds or slices lengthwise, they start to turn brown. This is due to gallic tannins, which in turn cause kidney stones and high cholesterol levels. So there are two solutions to avoid tarnishing and to get the brown liquid out: sprinkle with salt sparingly so as not to overdo it and leave to discard the liquid afterwards or sprinkle with lemon juice.

Since aubergines are very greedy for fat, they must be dehydrated as much as possible. This way you can freely grill or fry them and avoid their calorie intake. It will be an excellent accessory for grilling!

To disgorge or not to squash?

how to cook vegetables healthy cook zucchini sauté remove water

Of course yes! Since you are very watery, the water in the zucchini will play tricks on you when you decide to fry them. Bland dishes because excess water changes their taste. To avoid the “disaster”, place the zucchini cut into rings or strips in a large sieve and a bowl below. Sprinkle lightly with salt and leave for about half an hour. You will be surprised to see a significant amount of water at the bottom of the bowl. Throw it away, of course, and flawlessly achieve the planned meal.

If you want to make a successful zucchini pasta, it is mandatory to disgorge them. Grate, salt and after a while wring out with your hands.

Removing the water from the tomatoes is optional!

how to cook vegetables healthy tomatoes make juice coulis soup roast

Some tomato varieties have thicker flesh than others. The juicier ones naturally contain more water, which is lost when you peel and cut them. These steps cannot be skipped if you have decided to make tomato juice, coulis or tomato soup.

We found in some national cuisines recipes for preparing a tomato sauce, which is generally served as an accompaniment to a dish or as an ingredient or a condiment.

In order to reach a certain thickness anyway, it must be cooked on low heat.

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