Cholesterol: the 5 meats you can eat without any risk

Panic on board, your cholesterol is wrong. Phew, we explain to you the 5 best cuts you can ask your butcher about!

Do cholesterol and meat go together?

This video, Object could not have done better. To describe the effect of bad cholesterol on the body, nothing beats a drawing. In any case, after analyzing your last blood sample, your attending physician must sound the alarm. It doesn’t matter if your genetic inheritance is complicated or not, you absolutely must follow the advice that comes. In that case, there is still a probability of having a cardiovascular accident. To find out the most important symptoms, we strongly recommend that you read this study!

These products should be banned

Thanks to innovative applications such as Yukaare we here at decipher the labels of our favorite dishes. For example, you don’t need a nutritionist to recognize the most beneficial vitamins for health. As for saturated fat, it becomes public enemy number 1. Like sugar, it does not hesitate to wreak havoc in the world of patients. According to specialists such as Michel Cymes, they must first of all regulate their cholesterol. To do this, they will have to limit their consumption of meat, but also excess of adult beverages. Oh, how are we supposed to handle inviting friends? And this Lidl grill model, will it collect dust?

4 tips to lower your cholesterol

Fan of White meat, you can blow! It is now proven that this family of foods does not lower your cholesterol percentage. On the contrary, it can halve the spread on your arteries. You got it without us drawing you, it’s time to reject the chicken in all its forms!

Compared to calf, it deserves to be tasted. Why not try grandma’s paupiette recipe? Yum, if you take the plunge, Object would love to know your cooking or seasoning tips! Now that we show you what it looks like, we recommend the ovens and we give you carte blanche.

So for those new to the kitchen, frozen mince deserves to be in your basket! NOTE, here we only target those who have more or less 5% fat. on his channel Youtubethe brand Charal gives us valuable suggestions for eating while watching your figure…and your cholesterol!

Finally, if you manage to get your hands on it mustardorder a rabbit and voila. It’s a treat for lovers or not of good food! In any case, after such an effort, your cholesterol will thank you as you deserve!

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