Can you prepare your own drinks?

Iced tea, soda, lemonade, beer… there are a lot of drinks on the market that we really appreciate, especially in the summer. Sometimes expensive and unnatural, these are not recommended for daily consumption. Are you a fan of these drinks? Why not prepare them yourself?

Choose a beer brewing kit

If you particularly like beer, why not make it yourself? With a simple beer set you can prepare your favorite drink at home. Your beer will taste better and you can customize it to your taste. The beer machine set is a simple and practical tool. As a set, you will find in the same box all the tools necessary for the production of this drink. You will find kits for materials and kits for ingredients. Fermentation bucket, sterilant, fourquet, brewer’s sugar, yeast… you don’t need to worry about anything else. All you have to do is follow the instructions to make the mixture. The advantage of the beer making kit is that you don’t have to prepare much, as everything is almost ready. The preparation will be faster than a traditional production after the normal brewing steps. Finally, you can brag to your loved ones that you have make your own homemade beer !

Make your own sodas

Soda is the favorite drink of many children and adults. Commercial ones are loaded with sugar and preservatives. The sodas that you find in supermarkets are actually far from good for your health. Do your kids love this drink? Instead of buying them, make your own sodas! The advantage of making it yourself is that you know what the drink you are about to consume is made of. You want to control the sugar content, the taste and especially the chemicals. You will thus be sure to drink one more natural and cheaper drink. To make your soda, you only need a few ingredients. First you need to use fruit juice of your choice, preferably unsweetened. You will also need honey or cane sugar and sparkling water. In the absence of sparkling water, use baking soda for the sparkling side of the drink.

How do you make your own iced tea?

In warm weather, iced tea is a popular drink. Commercially, it is sold in bottles or bricks. Prepare your own refreshing drink from now on. That recipe for iced tea is really very easy to obtain. To make your own iced tea, you must of course have tea (flavoured or not), water and possibly sugar. Place your tea bag in a jug and then pour water into it. If you used hot water, let it steep for five minutes before adding sugar or honey. For cold water, wait one to two hours. You can add lemon juice to your tea or even fruit juice (peach, strawberry, raspberry…). Once everything is mixed, just enjoy your drink with a few ice cubes in the glass!

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