A thousand kebabs are offered for the opening of a restaurant

Are kebab lovers more civilized than average? Absolutely, yes. As proof, we can cite the free distribution of a thousand kebabs in the greatest tranquility this Wednesday afternoon, rue de Clignancourt in the 18th arrondissement, where other events of this nature turned into a riot. Behind this alluring communication drive is the Les frères des Batignolles restaurant in the 17th arrondissement, an essential address in the district, which therefore inaugurates another establishment.

The story of this success story in white sauce goes back more than 30 years, when Ibrahim and his wife Ayten from the Ankara region opened a kebab shop on rue des Batignolles in 1991. Then, about ten years later, the business was taken over by their two sons , the aforementioned Batignolles brothers, Ercan and Ozcan, who developed it despite legal disputes with their uncle. In order to stand out from the tough competition in northern Paris, the family bets on “a single product, the homemade döner kebab,” explains Ercan. We don’t add toppings like cheese, it really is the 1990s kebab.

Ercan and Ozcan and their father Ibrahim, in the middle.
Ercan and Ozcan and their father Ibrahim, in the middle. – G. Novello

The “homemade” bonus

A radical bias that contrasts with the progressive diversification of kebabs giving way to tacos, burgers, double steak sandwiches – double cordon bleus or even pizza. By concentrating on a single product, the two brothers emphasize quality and “homemade”, kebabs that often have a bad reputation from this point of view. “We have our own baker to make our own bread, the fritters are homemade and we prepare the meat on the spit ourselves with a special recipe”, boasts the older of the two brothers. Of course, this has a cost. Count 10 euros for the sandwich-fries menu + drinks, when it is about 7 euros in other establishments.

Also, Benjamin, Sofiane, 23, came because “it’s free”. “They are good, but a little too expensive, Judge Sofiane, so we took advantage of the opportunity. »Sofiane is what we call a real fan of kebabs, which he tastes at least once a day, «although he has slowed down lately». “I’m going to take a sandwich just meat + sauce, without lettuce, tomatoes or onions, so in general they put more meat”, explains our gourmet, quite proud of his trick. Residents of the 18th, the two friends waited half an hour before being served – “we are not complaining”, according to Benjamin – and were notified of the distribution on Snapchat.

Sofiane and Benjamin, ready to devour their kebab.
Sofiane and Benjamin, ready to devour their kebab. – G. Novello

The rapper Dinos, as a loyal customer

The two brothers massively used the networks to relay their communication operations. “We communicated through our subscribers, our community. These are the believers who have come this afternoon. This is also why there are no problems in the queue, says Ercan. And we were mediated by personalities such as the rapper Dinos. “It is also on her Instagram account that Jasmine became aware of the distribution. She came with Louise and Marie. If the three young women only eat kebabs occasionally, at the end of the evening they ate them during their studies “about twice a week”. » But we’re not 20 anymore,” breathes Marie, who intends to ask to put the fries in her whole wheat white Algerian sandwich. “Get a taco! », The Jasmin room.

Almost at the end of the 60-meter queue, Emma and James, two students aged 23 and 21, are not afraid to wait. “We’re used to queuing, it’s pretty quick, honestly it’s not much,” James puts into perspective. And it is true that a dozen employees work hard to serve customers as quickly as possible. When not greeting the faithful, Ercan lends a hand in the kitchen, claiming to be able to cook a kebab in less than a minute. By the time they were served, Bakary and Ismaël waited about twenty minutes, because after all, as Ismaël says, “when it’s free, you can’t refuse”.

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