a simple and easy dessert that will not leave you indifferent

You’ll love this 100% English dessert made with strawberries, meringue and whipped cream. It is fresh, gourmet and it reminds us of the traditional pavlova, we give you our spring recipe that you will love for its taste and speed.

This dessert is ideal if you are greedy and in a hurry. All you need are strawberries, make or buy meringue and whipped cream. Once you have the ingredients, just put it all together in a verrine or, more traditionally, in a gratin dish. This is a last minute recipe to make at home for a gourmet break or an impromptu dinner.

His little story…
Eton mess and pavlova are made with the same ingredients, but do not look the same, and there is an explanation behind that. The story goes that during a picnic in the town of Eton in England, a guest sat down on a pavlova, which made it totally unstructured. The taste remains unchanged and that is how this Etton root recipe was born.

The Eton mess recipe 🍓

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  • 500 g strawberries
  • 30 cl full cream
  • 50 g icing sugar
  • 4 meringues


Start by washing your strawberries.

Mix half of the strawberries with half of the icing sugar. You get a sealant you need strain through a sieve to remove strawberry seeds.

Take your meringues and crush them. Order. If you want to make them yourself, here’s a delicious recipe (it’s easier than you think.)

Use of your robot or electric mixer, whip your whipped cream. To do this, whip your cream (very cold) and as soon as it begins to rise well, but without being firm enough, add icing sugar. Finish whipping the whipped cream.

🍓Tip 1 : to check that your whipped cream is well whipped, when you remove your whisk, you should see a “bird’s beak” forming at the end of it.
🍓Tip 2 : Before making your whipped cream, place your salad bowl or the bowl of your food processor in your freezer. When you make your whipped cream, take it out. This trick allows the whipped cream to rise every time!

When your whipped cream is ready, carefully incorporate the meringue and half of the remaining strawberries into the whipped cream without crushing the fruit.

Assemble the dessert in verrines, alternating layers of cream, coulis and fresh fruit. Finish with fresh strawberries and possibly some broken meringue for even more indulgence.

Other varieties of Elton root

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