a new kitchen flash sale with many white goods sold up to 30% cheaper

Lidl will again put the dishes in the big ones from Thursday 15 September. On the occasion of the start of the school year, the brand is offering one of its famous short-term sales dedicated to kitchen tools and household appliances. Special features of this operation? The German brand sells a wealth of products, many of which are signed Silvercrest, its own label, at unbeatable prices.

Lidl: multifunction robot, microwave and food dehydrator

Among the flagship products for this event? A multi-function robot sells for €24.99 (counting €35 instead of an entry-level model in the trade). With an output of 250 watts and a capacity of 1.2 l, this device is capable of cutting, shredding and chopping. It comes with several accessories: knife with blades, grater, etc. A heated blender is also on sale: €34.99 instead of €44.99. Sold with a recipe book, it allows you to make compotes, smoothies, chunky soups and veloutés in a jiffy. Something that brings softness and comfort during the long winter evenings. A microwave oven selling for just €64.99 is also part of this special kitchen sale. Like the famous Silvercrest food dehydrator which sells for €39.99, once again an unbeatable price, this type of product sells on average between €50 and €200. A dehydrator? A device that removes the water in the food and allows longer preservation without adding preservatives or losing nutrients. Bananas, apples, pears, figs, onions, carrots, mushrooms, basil, thyme, beef… Many foods can be used there.

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Lidl kitchen sale: many utensils on the shelves

On the side of utensils, cooking hats must also be served. Specials on the menu: a mandolin (€12.99), a digital scale for weighing food (€5.99), silicone baking mats (€5.99 for a set of 2), aluminum pans and pots (from 6.99 €), storage boxes for avocados (€2.99) or various silicone and bamboo utensils for stirring or whipping (€2.49). As always, these products will be available while stocks last. Good plan, if you have the free Lidl Plus loyalty card (only available on smartphone), you can activate the 5% reduction that can be used once a month, offered as part of the anti-inflation operation “the boost worth the price “.

Silvecrest multifunctional robot from Lidl

Silvecrest multifunction robot, Lidl, €24.99

lidl silvercrest microwave

Silvercrest microwave, Lidl, €64.99

lidl silvercrest food dehydrator

Silvercrest food dehydrator, Lidl, €39.99

Lidl avocado storage box

Avocado storage box, Lidl, €2.99

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