A healthy homemade cola? The recipe gives a buzz

Summer is coming and with it the urge for refreshing drinks. On TikTok, internet users can no longer do without this healthy soda recipe.

With the warm weather approaching, “healthy” and healthy food trends are flourishing on social networks. As always on TikTok, the craziest ideas arise. This time, internet users have found one healthy alternative to one of the favorite drinks of the French, but especially the Americans, the vsoca. Its success is such that #healthcoke has over 13 million views.

The crazy recipe for healthy cola

In search of healthy food, wellness creators on TikTok have found a simple, if at least curious, recipe for healthy cola. In a glass with ice cubes, they add a little balsamic vinegarhere used as syrup and sparkling mineral water. Many of them use water flavored. After mixing everything, the drink becomes a refreshing cola, without sugar or any chemical ingredient.

Many internet users try the miracle recipe. L’visual aspect of the drink is very similar to the original with its dark brown color and effervescence. But the similarity ends there. L’smell acid off Vinaigrette replaces the sweet and fruity characteristic of cola. After tasting the famous drink, opinions are mixed. The alternative”tastes sweet, it’s not bad” says @clauddworld. But the vast majority agree: it doesn’t taste like colaas @nutritionbykylie explains.

The use of vinegar is great, even if it is sweet and fruity like soda. It is a very undesirable ingredient in drinks and other cocktails. there is also one wide selection of soft drinks and soft drinks, some of which are commercially healthy. And after all, isn’t the point of drinking Coke precisely in the sugar and chemical ingredients? And like all small pleasures, it simply must be consumed in moderation.

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