8 things you must always remember to feel good

Everyday life is not always easy, and if we are not aware of it, we are quickly carried away by the whirlwind of our to-do list, chores, urgent files, etc. And by always only treating what seems to be a priority at the time, you end up moving away from your real needs, to the point that you are sometimes not too much in tune with yourself. ..

If you sometimes feel like this is your case, or if you’re looking for ways to simply feel better on a daily basis, discover 8 important things to always keep in mind in any situation, especially when things aren’t going your way. Not like you want to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or that you’ve lost all motivation:

1. We all have the power to make our dreams come true… it is up to us to define exactly which dreams we want to achieve and which goals we choose to set.

2. We must live WITH our past, not IN our past. If you feel like you’re not moving on the way you want to, take stock and be honest with yourself: have you really moved on from your old stories? Have you completely mourned your past and past relationships? Concentrate only on your future goals and of course rely on your past experiences and you will see that you will feel much easier.

3. Our value does not depend on others, nor on what we do, nor on what we have. It ONLY depends on who we decide to give ourselves. So don’t look for other people’s approval, external validation, and don’t wait to have or be something else to give yourself value (“I will feel happy when I start my new job / I would have lost 5 kilos / I would have been in a relationship / I would have bought my house / I would have managed to run and finish my 10 kilometer race”).Realize your worth today: you don’t want more after completing a race or buying something.

4. Others will always treat us as we treat ourselves.. It takes two people to be disrespectful to someone: If you can’t stand an unpleasant thought, don’t like the way someone speaks to you, or a hurtful word, just ignore it, or just walk away from toxic people. Only by cleaning up your relationships can you feel treated and valued.

5. Other people’s criticism is only a reflection of their own insecurities.. When someone criticizes you, they are actually revealing much more about themselves than about you. So disregard this criticism if it has a negative effect on you, ignore it or run away from this person if their speech is not constructive.

6. We are all strong enough to overcome all of life’s trials.. Never lose it in your head, especially if you feel sad, emotionally overwhelmed or weak. It’s just a phase: rest, recover, and you’ll quickly see that you’re much stronger than you think.

7. We have all achieved great things in our lives.. It may not be enough for you yet because you still don’t value what you have already achieved enough, but you can already trust yourself with your past successes.

8. The important thing is not to succeed in life, but to succeed in YOUR life. So don’t get lost in comparing yourself to others and thinking that you are not enough, you don’t have enough or you haven’t achieved enough yet. The only indicator of your success is your own happiness: if you feel happy, that’s the most important thing. Think about what you can do to feel a little happier in a few hours, tonight, a week, a month, or a few years, and work on it now, because that should be your top priority.

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