5 new Android and iOS applications to install on your smartphone without hesitation

Like every weekend, we meet at NextPit for my selection of 5 free or paid mobile applications and games that caught my eye on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Every week I try to bring you the best possible apps that aren’t personal data traps or microtransaction nests. To my own findings, I also add the apps that the NextPit community has found and shared on our forum, which I invite you to consult.

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are the NextPits 5 free and paid Android/iOS apps this week. We publish this selection every week, you can also consult my 5 apps from the last week.

FoodLookup (Android)

Have you ever wondered how many calories your favorite dish has? And the amount of protein contained in the various pizzas in the store? These exact questions gave birth to Food Lookup. The application provides nutritional information about any food or product, whether it is the main elements such as fat and carbohydrates or vitamins and minerals.

Foraging for food is a fairly simple, straightforward and quick process. After all, the included database contains millions of products from all over the world. In fact, you can even scan the barcode on a particular product to get the relevant information you want.

You also have the option to scroll through your search history even when you are offline. For the sake of use, you can also make comparisons with different products. In other words, the next time you want to cook a meal, it’s time to pull out this app so you know every single calorie going into your body!

  • Price: Available / Advertising: None / Purchase in the app: None / Account : Not required
Make counting calories easy with Food Lookup.

Make counting calories easy with Food Lookup. / © NextPit

re:ignite (Android)

Having a business card is always something that was thought to only exist in the business world, but re:ignite wants to provide such a platform where you can create, upload and share digital and customizable gamer cards. The cards are categorized into different categories, so it’s not just about your game stats, but more about you and creating your own player identity.

These cards will be customized for your favorite online games, so you can share your stats and achievements, including #humblebrag moments like crazy win rate, play time, KDA and all the stats that matter for that game. Get started now with Fortnite and DOTA 2 maps. The developer intends to add additional game maps in the future, including popular titles such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Genshin Impact, among others.

Of course, you can still use these cards for your social networks. Show the world how much time you’ve invested in your Steam account and watch the n00bs wither with envy.

  • Price: Available / Advertising: Yes / Buy in the app: None / Account : Not required (but recommended)
It's time to look professional as a gamer with this app

It’s time to look professional as a gamer with this app! / © NextPit

Drinkable (Android)

Life can be pretty tough sometimes, so you should learn how to have a few drinks with your friends. Although the environment of a pub can be quite relaxed, there are times when you want to make yourself at home and treat yourself to the poison of your choice. The Drinkable app comes in handy in this case as it allows you to discover cocktails that you can make in the comfort of your home from the ingredients you have available.

Of course, there are also plenty of cocktail recipes to choose from as you explore new cocktails to discover. This app will always notify you of missing ingredients so you know what to buy on your next shopping trip. It’s wonderful that the app developer has catered to people on both sides of the Atlantic and offers measurements in imperial and metric standards. You can even contact the developer if you want a specific cocktail added!

Remember, no matter how hard life gets or how hard you want to party, always drink responsibly under all circumstances. In the meantime, have fun with this app! I know this is the case for me.

  • Price: Available / Advertising: None / Buy in the app: None / Account : Not required
Drinking helps you drown your sorrows

Drinking helps you drown your sorrows. / © NextPit

Confusing DaKookdle (Android)

Here’s a pun that takes the opposite of the Wordle phenomenon. Not long ago, the original Wordle asked you to solve a five-letter word through a series of progressive guesses, for which you have six chances in total. If you fail, your chance is lost and you have to start over.

Word lovers couldn’t get enough of this game as they had to make sure their streak was maintained. Confusing DaKookdle may not be as polished or polished, but it puts a very wicked spin on Wordle – asking you to play two words on a single board at the same time. After a while, things get tricky as your brain works overtime to guess the right answer! This time though, you have 10 answers and it gets really confusing!

If the game is getting too frustrating for you, why not take some rest and let off some steam by making yourself some drinks with the Drinkable app suggested to you earlier 😉

  • Price: Available / Advertising: None / Buy in the app: None / Account : Not required
If you feel like giving yourself a headache, Confusing DaKookdle is the answer.

If you feel like giving yourself a headache, Confusing DaKookdle is the answer. / © NextPit

Railbound (iOS and Android)

The world has its share of heartaches and pains, so why not try to find peace with the adorable game that is Railbound? This puzzle game is based on a cozy environment where a couple of dogs embark on a train journey to travel around the world. There are over 150 puzzles to solve where you have to place, remove and reroute connections so the train can reach its destination.

Therein lies the challenge – simple in character and concept, but you have to make sure the tracks don’t cross! The visuals of this game are simply stunning, with a beautiful cartoon style that helps keep you calm every time you pick it up to play.

A fantastic setting that helps you escape from everyday life. You can also take advantage of in-game mechanics like tunnels to cover large distances in an instant or delay trains using well-placed rail barriers.

  • Price: $4.99 (iOS and Android) / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: None / Account: Not required

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