3 dessert recipes in a tasty version for an aperitif!

Go for originality with three tasty dessert recipes! It is well presented, greedy and above all very good. Canelés, madeleines and cookies, your guests will devour them in no time. To impress the gallery at aperitif, here are the recipes!

It’s time for an aperitif and you want gourmet sweets that are easy to make. Our three recipe ideas are hearty, simple and visually stunning! Start preparing desserts in salty version for aperitif, guaranteed success.😍

They only have canelĂ©s in form, but it’s in the presentation that everything is at stake with this recipe zucchini and sun-dried tomato spices. It’s a seasonal idea, greedy and super simple to make. The essential for this recipe, canelĂ© molds! Did you know ? : canelĂ©s originate from Bordeaux in southwestern France.

Sweet or spicy, Cookies is loved! Why ? Both soft and crispy and ultra easy to make, it’s the gourmet break that pleases everyone. Prepare some as an aperitif with Roquefortyou will tell me about it 😋

If the memory of Marcel Proust is his aunt’s madeleines dipped in a cup of tea, at home, it is the tasty version that we offer you to treat yourself to. The dried tomato and feta duo has already proven its worth, Only 10 minutes of preparation, this is the recipe to bring out during an impromptu dinner!

Zucchini and sundried tomato seasonings

Roquefort tasty cookies

Tasty madeleines with dried tomatoes, feta and basil

10 minutes

about 16 madeleines

Other recipe ideas

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