3 chocolate dessert recipes from Missudette

Do you want a healthy and gourmet chocolate dessert? Instagrammer Missudette has the recipe for you!

Who is Missudette?

Marine, better known as @Missudette on Instagram, is a fashion blogger and influencer. This Parisian by adoption is originally from the South of France and she has kept that slight accent.

Smiling and caring, Missudette shares her daily life and fashion and beauty advice with her 50,000 subscribers. Of course she shows her appearance, always more studied than the others, and her favorite clothes, but not only! When she goes on a trip, Missudette gives her good tourist plans and its best addresses. Its subscribers can also find them on its Instagram account, in its stories on the front page and its guides, especially the one on hotels.

His community could also follow the Instagrammer’s magnificent wedding to Kevin Ragonneau and follows their moments in life on a daily basis. Missudette is happy to talk about her couple, but also about the couple and love life in general, especially to exchange with its subscribers.

Every day she is very present in stories to answer them and offer them 100% good vibes content. Marine does not hesitate to post challenge videos and dance, always in a good mood.

On her blog, she regularly publishes articles about her travels, her appearance, but also about cooking, one of her passions! You can find all her recipe ideas, easy, quick and healthy, that will please all taste buds.

My 3 favorite chocolate dessert recipes

Quick and easy chocolate mousse

The first recipe is a sure bet that will please beginners and for people who are in a hurry, as it is almost impossible to miss! First, you need very few tools and buttons 10 minutes your time to do it. If you are a fan of recipes with a little sugar, this chocolate mousse will please you, as sugar is optional. Finally, if you’re paying attention to your line, know that this dessert won’t cost you more than 300 calories.

Healthy chocolate fondant

This chocolate fondant is fewer calories than most traditional recipes. In fact, Missudette suggests replacing some of the butter with compote! This allows you to add less fat in the preparation. You can choose dark chocolate with at least 65% cocoa to reduce the sugar content. This recipe takes 45 minutes.

Nutella milkshake

Do you want a fresh and gourmet dessert? Take your blender, milk, vanilla ice cream, a few ice cubes and of course Nutella to get this delicious milkshake. For a healthier recipe, you can replace the ice cream with banana pieces. In 10 minutes your milkshake will be ready, enjoy!

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