12 decadent desserts to make for Easter

Easter is less than a month away and you’re already thinking about your menu (hoping we can still accommodate people then, of course)? One point that must not be overlooked, especially at Easter, is dessert! Chocolate is usually in the spotlight at Easter, so a chocolate dessert is a good choice. If the challenge of becoming a pastry chef tempts you, we offer you the following 12 decadent recipes.

Cookie Dough Sticks

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

If you want to serve an original dessert that is not too complicated to prepare, this recipe might be for you! It contains Cookie Bluff cookie dough.

Homemade Cadbury Style Molten Eggs

Credit: Tango photography for Boost

If you want to make your own fondant eggs, this recipe will help you do just that. It still requires a few steps and cooling time, but the result is worth it.

Maple Marshmallow Candy Bar

Credit: Ricardo

Easter always coincides with scooping season, so this maple marshmallow dessert is a great choice.

Spring cupcakes

Credit: Alain Sirois for Helping Hand

These beautiful colorful muffins will wonderfully emphasize the arrival of spring and Easter. The flower petals are a bit complex to make, but if you’re up for the challenge, the final product will look really nice.

“Mirror” cookies

Credit: Ricardo

These cookies are easier to make than they look! And with their egg design, they are appropriate for Easter!


Credit: Becel

Nothing could be simpler and more delicious than a good brownie recipe, and Becel offers us this one, which is quick to make.

Coconut and chocolate macaroons

Credit: Ricardo

If you prefer to make a dessert in the form of small bites, these choco-coco macaroons are a really good choice.

Double layer chocolate cake and mini eggs

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This recipe is perfect for people who want to serve a full cake at Easter. It’s not too hard to achieve, but it does require a few steps.

Cadbury Egg Melt Cake

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This recipe is simple to make and really decadent with Cadbury Eggs! The cupcakes are guaranteed to be devoured quickly.

Lactose-free chocolate mousse

Credit: Sylvie Li for three times a day

Chocolate mousse is an excellent dessert choice for Easter, especially if you choose this recipe, which is lactose-free and very easy to make.

Small crispy chocolate nests and puffed rice

Credit: Caty’s recipes

These cute little nests are really simple to make and make delicious sweet bites to serve at Easter.

Carrot cakes

Credit: Tango photography for Boost

These little carrot cakes are simple to make and will please young and old alike. For decoration, a few mini eggs are just right!

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