10 recipes for the evening after work ready in 10 minutes!

We come home from work too lazy to cook and we wonder what we can prepare tonight for a change, without fuss and quickly. The solution? Our recipe ideas ready in 10 minutes. These are varied, simple and tasty dishes that will definitely help you!

What are we eating tonight? This question never leaves us, and when you want to rest, instead of standing behind the stove, it is difficult to get started!

Eat well prepares dinner in 10 minutes, what a dream. It’s good, there are many simple, quick and balanced recipes that change pasta, rice or ground beef. Among the offers are a cold soup, a salad, filled wraps, a sausage galette, etc. They go to you make life easier in the kitchen by saving you time! ⏱

Advice : for wraps for example, if you have some at home but you don’t have all the ingredients for the recipe, you can vary the ingredients, to finish the leftovers from the fridge or simply by putting it together from what you have on hand.

Gnocchi with forest sauce

Brick with egg

Cold tortillas with salmon

Creamy Caesar salad

Zucchini and broccoli soup

Cocotte eggs with goat cheese and bacon

Light basil salmon wraps

sausage patty

French toast with cheese

Chinese noodles soy and chicken (in wok) easy

Marmiton – In 20 minutes it will be ready!

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