10 dessert recipes to make with children

Some dessert recipes are fun to make with kids because they’re simple, and let’s face it, the results are worth it! Desserts are a great way to introduce children to cooking as they are usually things they love to prepare and more importantly, they love to eat. We’ve visited several recipe sites to compile the following ten. They are considered quite easy and will be appreciated by young and old alike!

Bubble gum cake

Credit: Ricardo

Here’s a cake the kids will love making! Spoiler alert, it’s not real gum, it’s just decoration! It is no less delicious for all that.

Bear refrigerator cake

Credit: Ricardo

This cake is super easy to make with the kids. The hardest part will be waiting for the cake to be ready, because it has to be refrigerated for eight hours!

Bark cookies and cream (Cookies’n’Cream® type)

Credit: Ricardo

Nothing could be easier than this recipe, where you just mix two ingredients together and put them in the freezer. In addition, the result is delicious.

Super soft banana bread

Credit: Ricardo

Children will love mashing bananas and measuring out the different ingredients. Plus, banana bread is the perfect afternoon snack.

Cookies with sugar, vanilla and confetti

Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle for Three Times a Day

These cookies have a classic good taste of vanilla and sugar. They are easy to make with kids and everyone will love them!

Soft triple chocolate cookies

Credit: Zest

Triple chocolate cookies? Yum! We will definitely be making this recipe with the minis!

Chocolate peanut energy balls

Credit: Boost

These energy balls are very easy to make and they are delicious. Kids will love shaping the little balls with their hands!

Lime Coconut Crackle Cookies

Credit: Boost

Children can help you with several steps in this recipe. They also help you devour the cookies when they’re ready!

Light strawberry mousse

Credit: Boost

This mousse only requires four ingredients, so it’s pretty simple to make. Children can help measure the sugar and mix with the electric mixer (depending on their age).

Apple crisp

Credit: Zest

For this recipe, children will be able to place the apples in the dish as well as measure and mix several ingredients. After that, all that’s left is to enjoy!

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